Introducing ONE. A self-contained unit suitable for any indoor space where people live and air contamination is a challenge. It is portable and does not require installation. Simply plug the unit into an outlet nearest the source of pollution or the area of highest foot traffic. You can then allow the purifier to discreetly clean your air and surfaces in a safe and reliable manner.

POWER 12-180 watts / 120/220 VAC / 50/60 HZ
WEIGHT 0.5 -3.5 Kg
DIMENSIONS 245mm x245mm 285mm * subject to model
COVERAGE From 20m2 to 500m2 / From 500m3/h to 12.000m3/h

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There is no difference between the products. ReSPR is the international brand. The CASPR brand is exclusive to the USA.

The hydrogen peroxide that is produced is very safe. In fact it is never more than 0.03 parts per million (ppm) – which is way below the world benchmark of 1.00ppm for long-term exposure to hydrogen peroxide.

There is absolutely no need to ever fill the machine with any liquid at all. The technology converts into hydrogen peroxide the water that is naturally in the air as it circulates in the room/space that is being sanitised by the ReSPR.

Not at all. There is indeed a UV light in each unit. However, the UV light has a role only as a ‘finisher’ to the process of high-sanitisation. This takes place through a mechanical and chemical reaction as the air passes through specially coated grill and past a catalytic lens. This means that the UV light is important but it is less important than the other processes.

The installation of the ReSPR technology is relatively simple. All units are ‘plug-and-play’. The FLEX and ONE are book-shelf mounted. The HVAC units are easy to instal. Even the bespoke units can be installed without fuss.

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